Unique Design

9+ is a super powerful cable that with more than 9 functions.

9+ can work with keyboard, and type what ever you want. Free your hand.

9+ can work with Mouse, what you need to do is just connect to the keyboard and plug with phone.

9+ is a power source and a life power sharing cable, When device is running out of juice, and you get no where to charge, 9+ can help. all you need to do is to connect to another phone device, then you can get your empty power bank charged from another device.

9+ can work with USB Flash drive. Running out of space with your phone? No worries, 9+ will offer you a extra memory with USB Flash drive. No need computer transfer, 9+ is able to realize PC operation freely such as directly data storage, input and output operation.

Cable that swings both ways. One side for Lighting and the other side for Android.

With 9+, making gaming on the phone easier and more fun.

You can easily print pictures from your phone. It is that simple.

Project PPT or whatever document from your phone to the screen. No need to carry your heavy computer again.


Transfer photos from camera to phones and share with friends.


Advanced Compatibility

For Android and IOS (iPhone5/6/5s/6s)


Superior Performance

9+ is with 2.X faster charging speed than original iPhone cable.